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Unfair competion based on trade name infringement.

Saukville, WI |

I just started a small online business (badger mining products) selling recreational gold prospecting equipment. Got a letter today from the lawyers of badger mining corp
demanding I cease use of the name: Badger mining products. and destroy or alter all marketing materials BMC claims that my company name creates confusion due to similarity and overlapping marketing channels and common location.

I had no intention to do this!! BUT... I did spend a fair amount of money setting things up under this name so i just don't want to trash it all if this is just an unjust waring. Im thinking of an offer of disclaimer on my website but not sure how to proceed?. any advice welcome.

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Attorney answers 1


I see this was posted quite a while ago, and, oddly enough, was left unanswered after all this time. But for general public consumption, as I am sure you know by now, a situation such as the one you describe must be brought to the attention of a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.