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Unethical medical question for a doctor providing medication

Provo, UT |

do i have any legal recourse on a doctor that i was seeing for 10years and for most of the 10 years he was giving me High doses of pain meds(hydro). then all of a sudden they told me they could not treat me anymore and diismissed me from there practice. he was giving me over 100 pills a week.. way too much.. i know some of it is my fault but you would think the doctor has violated ethical standards... this has been 2years ago since i was in there office. he was the only doctor i was seeing for the 10 years. i do have medical problems that warrent pain meds but what he was doing was wrong.. do i have a case ?????

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My partner and i have debated this issue on more than a couple of occassions. Doctors do have a duty as gatekeepers; they are responsible for the drugs they administer. But that does not mean you have a case an attorney is willing to handle on a contingency fee basis. First, you need an expert, i.e. another doctor to say that your doctor fell below the standard of care. Second, you need to show damages caused by the over prescription. These damages probably need to be substantial for a medical malpractice attorney to consider your case. Lastly, you need to make a good witness for a jury. Even with all those things, I still hesitate taking these cases becaues the cost to bring a medical malpractice case is high.

Bottom line: difficult case


You never state your underlying condition or what harm you have incurred. Nobody can even guess without these facts.

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Need more facts to evaluate.

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