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Unemployment denial - appeal advice

Mountain Home, AR |

My husband and I both left our jobs in WA state ($130,000/year combined) and moved to Mountain Home, AR to be close to my father in law who is in poor health. This was an agonizing decision, but one that we felt was the right thing to do. My own Mom, Grandpa and aunt died of the same illness my father in law has (COPD) so I'm painfully aware of the struggles of daily living and the chronic, progressive nature of the disease. He also has diabetes and heart arrhythmia. We needed to be close to help in any way we could as we were finding living so far away we couldn't be there when he needed us for help. We were denied UE benefits and are going to appeal. What suggestions for appeal content do you suggest? I don't understand why were denied. This is a devastating illness. Thank you

I should mention that we applied for UE benefits with WA State. The person at the UE office that contacted me with additional questions prior to making the decision kept cutting me off when I was answering so I didn't get to complete a lot of my answers. I am 54 and have worked my entire adult life and have not applied for UE benefits before and need direction in what content to include in the appeal to best support my UE claim. Thank you

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I suspect that the basis for the denial is that you terminated your employment voluntarily.

If this is a Washington State claim you should seek advice from a Washington State attorney to see if there is a "good cause" exception for voluntarily terminating employment and whether your situation would fall under that exception (or some other provision of Washington employment security law).