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Understanding the Passport Submission Email from the US Consulate after 221(g) administrative processing?

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We appeared for H1b+H4 Visa Stamping interview on 12/7/12 at the US Consulate, Mumbai - India. Got a blue 221(g) slip issued requesting additional documents. Submitted all the docs on 3/8/13. On 5/2/13, we received an email from the Mumbai Consulate, which says; "We are ready for final processing. Please submit your passport, pending letter to the Consulate General via any of the 11 document delivery locations. Please visit for more information. Please carry a copy of this email for ready reference."

What I need clarification on is what do they mean by "pending letter" above. I submitted the original 221(g) slip along with the requested docs on 3/8. I researched the web but no satisfactory answers yet.

Also I would be submitting both our passports, correct? :)

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It's the letter you called the 221(g) 'slip' ... since you already sent the original, include a copy.

As for 2 passports, it depends on who the e-mail was addressed to.

If you continue to be confused ... you should be talking to the company's immigration lawyer ... not a group of strangers on an internet blog, nor non-attorneys in HR.

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I'm on H1B Visa and my wife is on H4. We appeared for the interview together and there were some question on my job status, that my company replied to. So now the consulate just sent an email on my email ID for passport submission. Hence the question. I did send my company attorney this info and waiting for their reply, but gathering information on my own as well. If you can advice, that will be very helpful.


I agree with Attorney Capriotti.

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