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Underage Drinking Citation in another state

Cary, IL |

I am 18 years old and a resident in Illinois. I received a under age drinking citation in Wisconsin. Are there any consequences in Illinois for the citation in Wisconsin?
I am asking because if you get an underage drinking citation in Illinois you can get your drivers license suspended.
This is my first offense.

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Attorney answers 3


Possibly. But WI would have to report it. Maybe a WI lawyer would know if they will.


Like Ted says see what, if anything WI will report. And find out if there's a difference in what's reported depending on different types of plea agreements.

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You probably need more information to got to the bottom of this. It will depend on the reporting procedures in Wisconsin, the type of charge it is (ordinance, criminal, etc.) the disposition that you will receive and other factors. You may want to consult a Wisconsin attorney for more information.