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Underage Drinking citation and consequences?

Pittsburgh, PA |

3 of my friends and myself were on a college campus and were standing outside a pizza shop. A cop parked in a parking spot and asked what we were doing. One of my friends had an open beer and showed it to the officer. The officer then proceeded to ask if any of us had possession of marijuana. We all told the officer we did not have any on us. We all then told the officer we had 2 unopened beers each and placed them down on the curb. The officer then proceeded to search us and found an empty bag on of my friends and proceeded to arrest him We were not breathalyzed. My other friends and my self were given citations and told we would receive them in the mail. What are the consequences of our poor actions?

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If convicted.... Probation and loss of license for 90 days (if this is your first offense).

Get an attorney. There are a number of options available. Also, search this cite. This is a very frequently asked question.


In Michigan, a "minor in possession" carries no jail penalty. However, it is a criminal conviction on your record. You are able to use a "diversion" for your true 1st offense to keep it off your record if you are successful on probation.