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Underage Consumption?

Cumming, GA |

I got arrested for underage consumption on April Friday the 13Th and I have court May 3rd and Last night which is the Th of April I got a citation for underage drinking I was under ).08 and got sent home. I'm curious if they will find out about my citation when i got to court on May 3rd. Plus what i can expert at court .. I'm really scared, a completely done with drinking till I am officially 21. I just wanna know what to do not to go to jail.... on May 3rd and what i should expect plus i am representing myself since my parents are not helping me what so ever, and i can not afford a attorney. I would like to have one but that's not happening. So please HELP! By the way I'M 17 these are my first adult charges.

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The fact that it has been alleged that you committed another offense DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL BE FOUND GUILTY of doing so.

The State will have to prove each and every element of the charged offense.

A pending case can NOT be used against you at sentencing because, again, you are innocent until proven guilty.

If the prosecutor checked your record it may show that you have a pending case which may cause them to be more skeptical about giving you a break. In my opinion, you need to be evaluated and obtain treatment which will show the Court you are taking this seriously and deserve a break.

You should also apply for the public defender

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If this is your second underage possession charge you are facing increased punishment, longer probation, higher fines, etc... and very likely the State will want to impose some type of alcohol/substance abuse evaluation. Depending upon which jurisdiction in the Cumming area your court is in you may have access to a public defender that can help you at no or very limited cost.


You cannot afford NOT to have a lawyer. You face thousands of dollars in fines, jail time, and possibly even a loss of your driver's license. As a 17 year old, your parents are still responsible for you, and their finances should be considered if you apply for a court appointed attorney. So, ... have you told them? If not, do so.

Good luck

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Yeah they know but they aren't considering getting me one. I have court in like 5 days so its a little to late for that. The one where i got arrested and the citation should not interfer with each other so im trying to see what im facing with just the charge of the underage consumption.

Brett Ladd

Brett Ladd


They both will interfere with the other, as the second in time will inevitably find out about the first one. Don't be naive enough to think that one won't know about the other, Prepare for it.