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Under PA landlord tenant laws when is a landlord allowed to change the locks

Lancaster, PA |

I have a rental unit and our tenants moved out. However their friend moved in without our knowing & now they won't leave. They are mocking us everytime they go in & out of the building and saying that they are not leaving. They are not on the lease nor have we ever met this person prior to us trying to clean up the apartment. They have lived in one of our aparments for one month now & refuse to pay or leave. What can I do? I called the police twice & they never showed up... If we change the locks we still will have her stuff in there & we are afraid that she may vandelize they building. There is also a strong oder of marijanna comming from that apartment & the paying neighbors are complaining that they are animals up there

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I can't believe that the police won't show up. If you and the neighbors are unable to get the police to deal with this, your only other option is to file an Eviction action before your local District Magistrate. Upon receiving an order for possession, you can take that to the Sheriff's office and get these squatters removed. Unfortunately, under PA law you are not permitted to just change the locks on someone who claims that they have a right to possession.

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