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Under Minnesota state DUI laws will charges be dropped if my blood test came back at .08?

Grand Rapids, MN |

SO I got a DWI. my blood test came back and its .08. I live in Minnesota, am i likely to get charged for the DWI or dropped to reckless driving?

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Contact Doug Hazelton. His website is at


Though there can be no guarantees, it is not unusual for prosecutors to agree to a reduced charge of "Careless Driving" instead of DWI, where the blood sample report is claimed to be 0.08 or 0.09.

But if you fail to challenge the "implied consent" administrative revocation of your drivers license within 30 days, it will forever be too late to do so. I have always recommended doing this. I have won numerous cases that initally seemed unwinnable. The best way to do this is to retain a good DWI lawyer, like me, but in your local area.


The answer to that question depends on where your DWI was committed. Most counties will allow a person to receive a reduced charge of careless driving on a .08 first time DWI. However there are exceptions to this rule and it depends on the county/city the offense was committed in- for example most Hennepin County jurisdictions will reduce the charge to a careless driving but in Carver County they will not. If you need more information contact the DWI GUYS at