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Under IL contract law is there a grace period for backing out of a car purchase and sale agreement

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after signing a contract on the purchase of a car in the state of Illinois, is there a time frame with which you can back out of the deal?

The salesman intimated that the dealership offered an extended warranty and premium corrosion package. He never advised that there was an additional charge and we did not see it on the contract until we got home. The contract was signed last night and we have not picked up the vehicle yet. My husband called early this morning and left a message to advise the dealer not to apply the corrosion. When he called back later in the day, they informed him it was too late. We are going to the dealership tomorrow. Do we have any recourse for the additonal $3000.00 that has been added to our contract?

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There is no Illinois "contract law" per se, it depends on what your contract states. Does it give you the right to rescind? If not, you may be out of luck.

Why are you backing out? Is the car defective? If so, you may be protected by Lemon Laws. Contact an attorney who handles such issues if that is the case.

There is a common misconception that you have a 3 day right to cancel all contracts, but that simply isn't true. There are several Illinois statutes that allow for a 3 day right to cancel period, such as when you purchase merchandise from a door-to-door salesman at your home, or when you purchase a gym membership. There is no such statute for vehicle purchases.


Generally there is no absolute right to cancel a motor vehicle sale unless it is written into your sales contract, but often there are violations of the law in the paperwork, or something wrong done in the sales process by the dealer, and that might well give you the legal right to cancel the deal. But, contrary to what a lot of folks think, there is no 3 day right to cancel (or any other time length) if it isn't written into your sales contract. There is a 3 day right to cancel law (a federal one and a lot of states have a similar one) but it only covers sales that occur at your home such as by door to door sales people, and car dealers aren't that desperate yet. To find out for sure about the law in Illinois, though, you should talk to a local Consumer Law attorney in your state. Call your attorney Bar Association or you can find one on this National List of Consumer Protection Law Lawyers here: