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Under FL state domestic violence laws can I petition the court to drop or reverse a no contact order

Port Richey, FL |

To make a long story short, i am/was a domestic violence victim, my domestic partner(my sons father) back in april was arrested with felony charge of tampering with a witness,being me. The situation being he is an alcoholic and has been sober for 6 months and i periodically did checks on his progress through his PO and where he was staying was a homeless shelter. I wanted him to get well, and as a result i had a injunction which i dropped. Here i honestly thought everything was fine and he could move back home after submitted a letter to the judge stateing that he was stable and safe enough to come home. He returned home just in time because he at this point had no where to go. Six weeks later as of 10/10/08 i came home from work and he was gone!! There was a warrant for his arrest because of the no contact rule. This is where i became devastated, or ignorant to the rule....I thought dropping th injunction he could come home after the letter i wrote. Apparently not! WHAT do i do now? I went to appear at the first hearing as i was told, but there was no bond. The officer suggested that i write the judge a letter to drop the No Contact order, which now he as a felony charge. What do i do or say, someone please help me?

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You must contact the state attorney on the case to tell them it is a mistake. Also, filing a letter with the judge is not enough you have to file a motion to drop the restraining order then it has to be ordered dropped.