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Uncontested Divorce Decree, how can I submit the consent decree if we both had our fees deferred?

Phoenix, AZ |

I want to submit the consent decree, and want to know if it is possible to do so since no filing fee or response fee was paid to the court. We both got deferred fees each time .

We do have the initial order of deferred fee with us though, can we just send that along ?

Thank you.

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If the fees were deferred or waived, then you can lodge the decree and the judge will likely sign it. If there are hearings scheduled, though, and the decree isn't signed before the hearing date, you will still need to appear for the hearing.

When you lodge the decree, make sure that you FILE a Notice of Lodging so that the judge and his staff knows to look for a decree. When you file the Notice of Lodging, you can show the clerk the deferral order and you should be as good as gold.

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Hello , How do i file a" Notice of Lodging " and do i do it on the 60 th day when i would go to the court to submit the consent decree ? If i want to send the consent decree by mail how do i file the " Notice of Lodging " Thank you


Ask the court clerk if that will be acceptable.

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I would put a copy of the decree in the judge's mailbox as well as the other things suggested so the judge receives it.


I would expect you can. Remember to include self addressed stamped envelopes big enough that the court can mail you each your copy of the signed decree.

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