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Unclaimed money discovery said i have money they want 19 dollars to file and will let me no the amount when they call me12-24 ho

Las Vegas, NV |

sould i pay i dont really no of any money that could be mine ,i had good friend died 1997 and always said im going to put you in my will.but never thought about again

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Highly likely this is a complete scam. If you want to look into the will, you can do that or hire an attorney to look. NO WAY this does anything other than smell.

We do not have a client/attorney relationship until you make an appointment, we discuss your case face to face, I accept a retainer, and we explictly agree to enter into representation.



You are confusing this service with a paid database access provider that simply provides access to otherwise free information. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake. Unclaimed Money Discovery is a lost asset research and recovery firm. They perform a detailed search using multiple state, private and federal databases, plus they perform complete genealogy research to track down assets held under relatives. Anyone can search for lost money on their own--just as anyone can prepare their own tax return or appear pro se in any court. But if this is not your area of expertise, do you really want to do it yourself? Professionals in any area charge a fee for providing a service. The process of identifying all possible sources of lost assets and the subsequent recovery of those assets is time-consuming. To do it well requires the skills and knowledge of a professional.


It does sound like a scam. However, the state of Nevada does have an unclaimed property website that you can find if you Google around.


Check out this site. If there really is unclaimed property in your name, you can get the info without paying a fee.



I am an Asset Recovery Agent with Unclaimed Money Discovery and I wanted to shed some light on this subject and help answer the question at hand. Anyone can search state databases for unclaimed money and it's always free. Simply visit the website of the state you believe may be holding your lost assets. However, successful research and recovery of lost assets isn't as easy as you might think. Like any professional service, there's an advantage to using an expert. Would you go to court without paying an attorney? You certainly could, but the end result would probably not be as good. Unclaimed Money Discovery is an Asset Search and Recovery Firm, not a database provider. We are staffed with professional asset detectives, like myself, with specific skills and extensive knowledge in this area. Unclaimed assets are lost for a reason. Often times, they are listed under partial information, misspelled names or nothing but an old phone number. Assets can also be held in different states, depending on the source of funds. And of course Assets can be held by relatives you didn't even know existed. Which is why genealogy is such an important part of what we do during our information gathering process. Each case we take on requires substantial time and effort. This is not an automated process--it requires people with very specialized skills. And our work doesn't stop at researching your claim. We actually complete the required government claim forms (some of which can be very tricky) and forward that paperwork to you for signature. It's an entire process; worth far, far more than the $19 the company charges for their efforts.

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