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UK DUI conviction, looking to travel to USA for holiday

Austin, TX |

I was convicted of a DUI offence in the UK July 2012. I wish to travel to the US (specifically Austin TX) to visit friends this year. I understand from other various forums websites etc. that a single DUI is not classed as a CIMT therefore i can travel under the WVP, is this correct?

Also as a civil engineer i wish to work in the US at some point in the future. Will travel under the WVP this year, as in tick no to CIMT, cause any issue when applying for a work visa in the future?

Question posted from London, UK

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I'm going to change the practice area of your question to immigration. Hopefully some attorneys will then be able to give you some guidance. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen


May I suggest that you contact either Thomas Esparza or Paul Parsons, both of whom are US immigration lawyers with offices in Austin, Texas.

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Thank you for your comment. I am a UK citizen asking from the UK, i plan to travel to Austin TX. I wish to receive advice on the status and options for me to travel to the USA, for above stated reasons. Firstly for holiday and secondly to apply for work at a later date. Thank you again for your timely response

Evan Edward Pierce-Jones

Evan Edward Pierce-Jones


Normal business hours in the central time zone in the USA are typically 6 or 7 hours behind the UK. Perhaps a telephone call to the office of Mr. Parsons or Mr. Esparza in the late afternoon UK time might be appropriate. Mr. Esparza has an extensive website, and has spoken at several professional development seminars, some of which I have attended. His website URL is and his profile URL is Mr. Parson's website URL is and his URL is In the USA, each lawyer's office sets its own policies regarding fees. I believe that Mr, Esparza does charge a modest initial consultation fee. I do not know about Mr. Parson's fee policies. However, either of these gentlemen will likely be able to give you a simple, direct answer to your question.

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