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U - Visa REF : Question below

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At what point during the adjudication process does the VS issue an REF on u - visa ? I've been waiting on my I - 918 ( u - visa ) application for over 12 months ! Is it safe to assume that they won't issue an REF since it's been pending for so long ? Thank you in advance .

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It is not safe to assume that it will not happen-they may still issue an RFE or adjudicate it without the RFE. It is case specific.


No it is not save to assume anything. As a practical matter, however, they will issue and RFE eventually. it takes longer then 12 months to get the RFE from VSC. It really does. The team of officers working on U visas is very small. If you do not have an attorney representing you, find one. Do not do it on your own.


A request for evidence is not always sent on a U Visa. Often times, it is not requested. In my experience the Vermont Service Center has been taking 12 months-15 months to adjudicate the U Visas. If you think that yours is caught in red tape, you can call the Vermont Service Center and ask them. They are very helpful. Good luck, and keep the faith.

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