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Typically, how long does it take to settle on a car accident once treatment has been completed?

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My husband was in a car accident in january, the insurance company of the person at fault has paid for the loss of our car and my husband is now finished with therapy and rehab for his injuries. With this being cut and dry, how long should this take to settle for the injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering?

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Every case is different. The time-line can vary greatly depending on many variables including how your attorney handles the case, what insurance company is involved, the size of the policy, and the nature of the injuries. Ask your lawyer for an estimate. Ask another local lawyer if you feel you need information from another source as well. In the simplest cases Automobile collision cases can settle in as little as a few months from the date of the accident, and they can also take many years.

As long as you have had the good sense to hire an attorney to help you in dealing with the insurance company, you should be able to resolve the case in a fairly short period of time usually less that a year after the end of all medical treatment unless the case has to be resolved by a trial.

Jason A. Richman, Esq.


The settlement time-line can vary greatly depending on many variables. If an attorney is involved on your behalf, the insurers usually act quicker. The insurers try to drag things out as long as possible, because every day they keep the money the richer they get.

That is why you should have a lawyer.

One case I had settled in less than 30 days after I got involved because the insurance company did not want to have to consider taking the case to trial and losing with me as the attorney for the plaintiffs. That is the way it works.. Before that almost 20 months had gone on with the insurer horsing the claimants around and around.

Hire a skilled lawyer.

The settlement amount might double and the time frame to settle will likely shorten significantly.

Alan Brinkmeier



i was in a fatal car accident lost a dear friend and shattered my jaw completely we got hit on our way to do a job when we got struck by a man who fell asleep at the wheel i got an attorney as soon as possible and the man who hit me might have been "under the influence" it has been about 6 weeks since the wreck and now my lawyer has contacted my doc to see how extensive my injuries are so he can request a settlement



they tryed to get me paid thru work mens but they cant cause i wasnt hired and i had only helped my friend for a couple weeks


As a general rule, the insurance company will make you an offer within 30 days of being provided with proof of medical records, bills and lost wages. Whether they make you a fair offer is another question. If not, you will probably need a qualified personal injury attorney to accomplish that result. However, unless it is a complex case or a major injury, there is no reason not to attempt to resolve this yourself, at least initially.


Usually 30 - 60 days from the time you get the settlement demand to the insurance company.


Echoing what the others said, every case, injury, adjuster, insurer, and claimant is different. Don't try to go it alone. You got lucky once but times have changed.

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