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TX laws: one of our apartment tenant was cut stealing our equipment and pawing them. But current on rent?????

Dallas, TX |
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A tenant can be found in default on a lease other than non payment of rent. Read the lease agreement thoroughly you may be able to evict.


If you used any standard lease form, most likely there is a provision that states the tenant must not violate the law or local regulations. This provision could possibly be used as the default under the lease to allow for an eviction. If not sure, go see a real estate attorney to assist you further in determining your rights.

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That's pretty bold! Stealing the landlord's equipment violates numerous provisions of the Texas Apartment Association form lease. Before you proceed with an eviction, though, make sure you have some credible evidence to present to the court. You're going to need witnesses who will be willing to testify. While I realize that most apartment managers are experienced at handling evictions for people who are behind on their rent, I would recommend that you work with an attorney on this one because it's not typical. And yes,
you can call the police.

Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell


You have to be careful when you make these type of allegations. You need to file a police report. The pawn shop should cooperate because they can lose their license for selling stolen property. Be careful not to tell all of the tenant's neighbors of your suspicions, because if you do sue for the value of the goods, you do not want a civil charge brought against you for defamation. Does your property insurance cover your loss?

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