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TX debt collection law, payment of outstanding medical bills

Fort Worth, TX |

I have over $2000.00 in medical bills for this year, at this time with the cost of my meds and what I make I am only able to send $5.00 each one of them. With the plan being as I paid the lowest off I will incease payment. This week I received a letter stateing. "Thank you for sending the enclosed paymtnt however we are no longer able to accept payments that are less the $10. Please send furture paymet sin the amont of $10 in order for your payment to be credited your accoumt." Along with this letter they sent me a check.

1st can they refuse my payment no matter what the amount
2nd and if they do what are my rights

The letter I did received was not on letterhead and there was not a signature only a phone number to call and the check stapled to the letters. The evelope only had printed on it a po box number here in Fort Worth. My address was handwritten.

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Creditors do not have to accept any amount you send unless they have agreed to take it. The bills have already been reported to the credit bureaus, so your credit score is already damaged. It might be a better plan to stop paying all the bills except one and put as much as you can toward that one. You'll get rid of it faster and get a sense of accomplishment and move on to the next bill.