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Tx. Judgmnt 60-k filed in Fl. against sole-prop. & a joint acct w/wife, WF bank froze both accts 4, 12-k. how do I pay my bills

Jacksonville, FL |

I never defended a civil matter in Texas, going through a nervous breakdown and I knew nothing about TX. law. I requested they change venue to Jax.Fl. but they never replied. Eventually I got a judgement order from Judge Laird Conroe Tx. Now they have aparently convinced wells fargo to freeze my sole proprietor acct and my joint acct w/wife. I get paid 1-4 times a year but it has to last me for several months. I just finished a deal where I made $12,000 and now wells fargo has received the judgement and froze us out. My wife has been deemed head of household by the court, how can we get to our money to pay car ins, car pmt, life ins, medical, electricity, mortgage, food. I'm not talking about cable TV, house phone. Can this freeze be lifted and what type of lawyer do I ask for?

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Good morning. You need to talk to a lawyer that specializes in consumer bankruptcies. They may be able to advise you about whether or not this judgment is enforceable in Florida, but more likely than not, bankruptcy will be the only way to wipe out this debt. Thanks for your question and best of luck.