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TX. I need help with divorce and custody. A knowledgeable aggressive lawyer in DFW to help me get rid of the soon to be ex.

Grand Prairie, TX |

I have a lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced but is not aggressive enough. I believe that my lawyer has enough tools to win my custody and divorce case but I believe there is more space for improvement. I have a 3 y.o. boy and I'm trying to get a divorce and custody of my son from the ex who threatens to kidnap our son and go overseas (he was raised there), he has committed domestic violence against me, tried to commit suicide and got committed to a mental hospital. He has not payed child support in over 8 months and is still harassing me and threatening me with making up stories to CPS, taking our son and raising him according to Islamic Sharia.
I need help so bad and need consultation ASAP.
Thank you.

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If you've got a lawyer right now, I'd recommend sitting down and talking with him to discuss the situation and why he's or she is not being aggressive enough. Your lawyer knows the law and if she's experienced, likely have more perspective on what may actually happen than you would.

The other factor may be cost. As lawyers, the only thing we have is our time. If you want a lawyer to be aggressive, you have to pay a lawyer to be aggressive. Normally I'm not going to file a motion for enforcement on a flat fee case if my client hasn't paid me to do so unless circumstances are extreme. However, if they come in willing to pay me to be aggressive, I will gladly do so-- and this is the mindset for a lot of attorneys.


I agree with both previous answers. However, the only way to get real traction in a case like this would be to have a psychological evaluation of at least the father, and possibly you as we'll. This provides evidence of the contrast between the parents to the court. Of course this is expensive.

Please contact us to discuss your next steps. There are lots of frequently asked questions on my website at the link below.

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