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Two small misdemeanor,charges,

Red Bluff, CA |

I pushed some one and the cops showed up and said i was resisting anyway i got two small misdemeanor charges out of it simple battery and resisting arresst,got put on formal probation and ordered to go to class,i am dieing from organ failure,i want to leave state to go pass away with family in pen state will i be hunted down and such ,

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You can't just leave. You should engage a lawyer and petition the court to terminate your probation.

I'm very sorry to read about your health problems. If your health condition is as dire as you say, the court will likely let you go to Pennsylvania to pass away in peace. If, however, they believe you will still live for many years, they are unlikely to terminate your probation. Get documentation of your condition from your doctor, then contact a lawyer

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Sorry to hear about your situation. You should be allowed permission to leave given the circumstances, and that this is misdemeanor probation. Get proof from a doctor re: your condition and get a good, local lawyer to put it on calendar for you for either permission to leave, or to terminate probation early. Good luck.


It's unlikely that you would be returned on a misdemeanor warrant. Best of luck.

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