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Two names, same person? Legally?

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One last question!
Imagine: there was a big trial, over a period of around 18 months. The defendant's name (fictive name) was printed as 'David Joe Miller' in the court papers - from the beginning to the end. He was accused and acquitted as 'David Joe Miller'.
Some time after the trial, this person died, but his death certificate says 'David Joseph Miller'.

Who made a mistake? The court? The coroner's office? What is that?

Thank you!

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A person can use any name they want to use, as long as it isn't for fraudulent purposes.

For instance, unless it's a formal setting, I usually go by "Bob" instead of "Robert."

If David Joseph Miller and David Joe Miller are the same person, the discrepancy could have occurred in any of a number of places along with road. Without following the paper trial, it is impossible to know where.


I agree with the assessments of Mr. Marshall. The difference of names could have been the result of too numerous an event to guess where the differnet names became entwined. Essentially, the difference is not significant enough, unless there were two persons with one using one name and the other person using the second name. Good luck.

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I would also like to add that many criminal defendants have multiple aliases associated with their name, all of which are tied to their name in their court record. Having multiple names isn't necessarily a "mistake" on anybody's part. If a person's ID at the time of arrest stated David Joe Miller, but their death certificate states David Joseph Miller, that's not necessarily a mistake on anybody's part.



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