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Two different attorneys was retained for my Workman Compensation Case.

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However, I want to know how find out if the attorneys place any liens on my case after they withdrew as legal counsel. Any sign to tell? I was told no lien was placed but when I reviewed the contract, it said lien can be placed.

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Any attorney who intends to retain a lien on a former client's future recovery has to put all parties on notice of that intent. If your prior attorneys did so, they should have sent at least a letter, if not a formal "Notice of Lien" or a mention in an order on their motion to withdraw as counsel, saying that they intended to retain their liens. You should have gotten a copy of any formal notice or order. If you've never gotten anything in writing, you should check the docket for your case (look here: to see if any notice or order was entered. You can also contact the defense attorney handling the case, if there is one, to ask whether (s)he rec'd any such notice.


Call the attorneys directly and ask them. Or send them a letter, certified mail, and state in your letter that if the attorneys do not call you (provide them with valid phone numbers to reach you) or respond to you within 10 days in writing (provide them with a good address to mail you correspondence) to explain any lien they might claim then you will presume that there you owe them nothing and that they have no lien.

The best option would be to go to their offices with a note or statement that they will not claim any lien on your comp case and ask them to sign and date the note or receipt - you then have written proof, in your hand.

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Get another attorney, because you should have one. Explain it to the new attorney and have him/her check into it.

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You should have your new attorney check on this with your old attorney. Just because your attorney could place a lien does not mean that a lien was placed.