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TWO clothing drop-off bins left at my business...what do I do???!!!

Perth Amboy, NJ |

I had an (oral) agreement that allowed a company to place two clothing deposit boxes on my property. Few months later, I tried contacting them with respect to payment, but the number no longer is valid. I can't find any of the company's business address or anything.

ALL i want is to dispose of it. Can I do so without notifying them (i can't notify bc I can't find them). I don't care to sue them since i can't find them, but I do want their bins off my property. Can I put a notice on the bins and than wait 30 days?

thank you!

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Verbal agreements are valid. The tricky part is proving the terms of the agreement. For example, what was the term of your agreement? (For how long did you and this other company agree to maintain the deposit boxes on your property?) That's just an example, but a question worth considering, nonetheless. Did you reach an understanding as to what would happen if one party to the agreement fails to fulfill its obligations or fails to timely respond to the other party's communications? Also, to where would you relocate the boxes, if you could?

There are many facts missing from this question, but which remain essential to providing you the best possible advice. I strongly suggest you consult with an attorney to discuss all the facts and circumstances of your agreement.

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