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Turning in a 22 year old for possible statutory rape, will he be charged?

Chico, CA |

I know of a 22 year old dating a 16 year old girl. This is against the law as the age of consent is 18.
What is needed for this to hold up in court? Do her and/or her parents need to be willing to cooperate? And does there need to be undoutable proof he had sex with her? What about kissing or hugging?

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Once you contact the police they will conduct an investigation - talk to you, the girl, her parents, and the boy, if he'll talk to them. They could arrest him if they feel that they have enough evidence, or they can submit the case to the district attorney who ultimately make the decision to file or not to file charges. I'm curious, though - have you contacted the girl's parents? That might be the first place to start. They may approve of the relationship; or they might not know what is going on - if anything. Think twice before reporting this to the police and be sure it is what you want to do.


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Dating is not against the law. Sexual contact or intercourse could be-hugging and kissing aren't. I am a bit confused as to why you care? You aren't the girl or her parents and you seem to think they won't cooperate...why is this your business?

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