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Trying to understand custody laws with unmarried paerents

Minneapolis, MN |

I have an 11 month old daughter, dad and i live together, recently are going through a very rough break up and i would like to know what the laws and the guidelines are for me to gain full custody for my daughter. the father is not on the birth certificate nor on her state health insurance nor has finacially provided for the child.

His he able to file for full custody?
What do i need to have full custody?

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In Minnesota, an unmarried father has no custodial rights unless he obtains a court order. If he does file with the Court, the Court will make a decision about custody and parenting time based upon the best interests of the child. Every case is different, and I cannot tell you what a Court would do in your unique situation. However, it is rare that a Court does not grant at least some parenting time to a parent. Of course, the Court will also look at both parents' financial situation and make a decision about child support, medical support and daycare support.

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