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Trying to move in new location becoause of land lord not doing his part of duty.

Garland, TX |

i signed leased on 1st day of Feb.the store was closed down. At first land lord n me seems work out right but lately he is not responding correctly. hard to run business fr me. land lord suppose to provide AC in working condition. now they send me invoice almost 6k. all the candies r melting n food product r going bad
. " After the Tenant obtain his CO n electricity is available by tenant to the premises. Land lord agree to place HVAC in working condition, during the term of lease. in the even that the HVAC system should require repairs in excess of $500 then land lord n tenant agree to split cost 50/50. i would like to request some legal advice on my case. i m looking fr different location coz i v to make some income fr my live-hood n trying to save inventory b4 goes bad coz of heat.

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Attorney answers 2


I would highly recommend that you have a local real estate attorney review you lease. Many will offer a free initial consultation.


It may be difficult to walk away from your commercial lease without some compromise in payment. You may have to break your lease, and your lease may have a fee for doing that. You should find a local attorney to review the lease and other documents and correspondence in order to give you proper legal advice.

As usual, this answer does not constitute official legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship between the poster and me.