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Trying to have Juvenile record sealed but still paying on fines.

Riverside, CA |

My nephew is 25, record is from when he was 17. He is constantly getting laid off due to his record, county will not seal his record until fines are paid, is there a way around this at all ??? Every time he gets a job and a back ground check is done, he's let go. Please help. He's been making payments on the fines and he was recently instructed that they would not send paper work (to seal his record) until his fine and his speeding ticket (which is a different case) is paid off.

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The answer is no. Just pay the fines and get the record sealed. The fines were probably part of a plea bargain that he agreed to, so it is important that he do what he agreed to do.



Thank you, he's doing his best but as stated the system isn't helping any with him constantly being laid off due to his record, if he can't maintain employment then how is he going to pay off his fines. No worries, I'm just thinking out loud. :)