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Trying to get my name off of a mortgage with another person for over a year. What can I or do I need to do.

Charleston, WV |

Purchased a mobile home with another person. Have given the person over a year now to get the paper work done to get my name off of the mortgage. He still has not did this. What can I do or what do I need to do to resolve this matter.

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I am going to presume you are not on title to the real estate on which the home sits. I would contact the mortgage company directly to see what can be done. At some point, however, he'll need to cooperate. Unless you have a written agreement with him that he was to allow you off the mortgage at a given time, not sure if you can force the issue. If you owned the real estate with him, a partition case could force the issue, but I don't belive that remedy is available to you for just a mortgage or an item of personal proerty like a motor home. Speak to a local attorney about that.

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