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Trying to find out how much is an attorney for vop superior court in cobb county

Marietta, GA |

trying to find out the amount of money to get a lawyer to represent my husband who has a prior record and violated probation, crime was not committed by my husband even though he was charged with crime. was committed by someone else

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Each lawyer has a different fee. I would be glad to discuss your husband's case and our fee structure if you would like to call for a free consultation.

This answer is for general information only and not intended to take the place of specific advice from a lawyer who has reviewed your case.


As different lawyers charge different fees I suggest that you call a few, find out how much they charge and hire the one you feel most comfortable with. Feel free to contact me and I would be happy to discuss the case with you.
Noah H. Pines


As the other attorneys stated, each attorney will likely charge different fees. My firm has two offices in Cobb County, offers a free consultation, and in many cases can offer a payment plan. Feel free to give us a call.


Please feel free to call me for a free consultation, either in person or over the phone if you prefer. I will be happy to discuss your husband's case and possible fee arrangements.