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Trust Accounting

Maitland, FL |

As a beneficiary under an irrevocable life isnurance trust (ilit) , I I am interested in getting an accounring from the trustee with respect to the time that premiums were being paid on the insurance policy before the the grantors of the ilit died. The death benefit proceeds have been put into the trust after the last to die of the grantors as required. However, I feel that there was more in the trust other than the insurance policy, some other monetary assets. By Florida law, am I entitled to an accounting to this time period, meaning the time before the death benefit proceeds were paid out? Also, would I be entitled to see the annuity that i believe was paying the premiums on the ilit?

Thank you.

Is there a law "on the books" I can refer to? Thanks

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Please take a look at Florida Statutes Section 736.0813. You should be able to receive a copy of the information you are requesting.

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