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Trouble trying to get the Texas Attorney General to consolidate my child support in with Pro Se divorce case. Can do it myself?

Athens, TX |

I went to court and the judge told me that he would have granted my divorce had it been consolidated. I have submited the information to the Attorney General and now all I get is the run around. My childerns father is owes more than $10,000 in back child support and has nothing to do with them. I can not afford an Attorney. I'm hoping to get my divorce by the end of the year.

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Draft a motion to consolidate AND draft and order consolidating the cases. Send the motion and proposed order to the AG. They will sign the order indicating their consent, which you can present to the court and the court will sign it.

If the AG won't sign your proposed order, then file your motion and send the motion and order to the court with a cover letter asking the court to sign the order if there have been no objections received within 5 days. The court may sign the order then.

However, if the AG won't sign your order and the court won't sign it, set your motion for a hearing and give the AG notice. The court Will sign your order at the hearing.

Good luck!!



Well I filed a complaint with the AG last night online and it seems they have all of a sudden finished my request. I guess some times you just have to put it in writting to get the job done. Thanks for the help.


Sorry you are going through this, most courts offer some legal services and can help you fill out the forms, I would go to the court or call and see when those services are offered. You seem to have a strong understanding of what needs to be done, now you just need to affectuate the paperwork. Good luck and take good care.

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Thanks for your help.


If your AG case and your divorce are in the same county I suggest you make an appointment with the Managing Attorney in the Attorney General's office where your case is located. Bring all of the information regarding your divorce ie. petition for divorce, final decree etc. and the information regarding your AG case ie. final orders and explain what you need. Typically the AG will intervene into the divorce and file a Motion and Order to consolidate the cases. When you contact the AG's office you may just be talking to someone on customer service who has no idea what to do. The Attorneys in the office will know exactly what to do with the case and will also let you know if the Final Decree of Divorce needs anything to satisfy the AG's requirements.

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