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Trial and the strength of an alibi.

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I don't really understand how the courts work but I know that a person is going to trial and though he has a couple of alibi witnesses because he wasn't even at the place the crime happened but three other people say he was. I thought an alibi is the strongest defense?

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You touched on the important issue in your question. An alibi is a strong defense, that is, until it is contradicted by other evidence. In that scenario, the jury will be tasked to determine which witness to believe and which to discredit. Presumably you/or the person accused, retained a lawyer if so, you may want to spend time discussing your case with him/her. If not, retain a lawyer as soon as practicable.

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The person charged need an attorney if they do not have one. I suggest that all issues of this case are discuss with their attorney and their attorney only. If they do not have an attorney, please feel free to give our office a call at 404-636-6616.


An alibi is certainly a component of some strong defenses, but it is not a "magic bullet." The state has a variety of ways to combat or rebut an alibi defense, and that can lead to a conviction. Remember, the State has the burden of proof. They must carry that burden or the jury will be instructed to acquit.

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