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Trespassing citation.

Easton, MD |

Two of my friends and me were charged with trespassing. We weren't out of the car, we were turning around because we made the wrong turn. The stop sign where we made the turn didn't have a "No Outlet" sign. It wasn't till we got down to the docks when we saw a sign saying it was closed after 11pm. So we start heading back and the cop pulls us over and issue the citation.

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You have a possible defense to the charge if the sign was not placed properly where you could see it when you entered. Consider getting an attorney or the Public Defender if you cannot afford a private attorney.

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I encourage you to retain counsel. There is a question of intent. You did not intend to trespass and without a sign it will be hard to prove that you intended to go onto the "closed" property. Even though the State has the burdened of proof, it's always better to approach a case with the evidence to "prove" your position. Good luck!

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