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Trespass notice from shoplifting

Evanston, IL |

I was made to sign a trespass notice in order to leave the store where I was detained for shoplifting. They said that this notice is valid in every Urban Outfitters and sister company. However, this was not witnessed by any legal attorney. Is this valid? Can they criminally charge me if I were to go into a UO in another state? I'm sure they put me into their shoplifting database and would probably evict me from the grounds if they did a background check within. However, do they have legal grounds (a felony?) to criminally charge me in a different state from where I was issued the trespassing notice?

They cite IL, Rev. Stat. Ch 720, para 5/21-3 (2009)

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Attorney answers 4


You can be barred from entering other Urban Outfitters and if you decide to test this you can be charged with trespassing.



They said that my name would be flagged in the store system if I were to pay with it. What if I gave my credit card to a friend to use in order to buy me something?


Yes. It is private property and there is no requirement that they allow you on it. If you were forbidden based upon race, religion, sexual orientation etc. That is one thing. However, forbidding you for suspected illegal activity is completely acceptable.


Yes, they can ban you.


You can be barred. Many retailers now work with facial recognition equipment. Why would you even consider taking a chance by going into a retail establishment where you have been barred?