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Tree days ago court issue a warrant for my arrest for a DUI that took place 9 years ago.

Pasco, WA |

2000 had a DUI i went to jail for one day they let me go they never give me any court days, 2009 i had another DUI i was sentenced for this one, the 2000 DUI was still there in my record i asked the court clerk that i wanned to take care of the DUI of 2000. but they never give me a court day either, about four days ago they issue a warrant for my arrest because the 2000 DUI this the first time i have a warrant for this case. right now im in probation and alcohol treatment for the 2009 DUI.. how can i handle this case? does a case like this have an exparation time? my first DUI was in 1993 how this one is going to affect my situation? thank you!

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I don't practice in WA, but it sounds like you need to hie a local attorney and have them appear for you to resolve the issue. Generally speaking, an attorney should be able to appear without you on a misdemeanor. The DA waiting 9 years to pursue you (even though they probably filed a case 9 years ago) is an issue that needs to be addressed by a pre-trial motion. In California it's called a Serna Motion, it most likely has a different name in WA, but there is certain to be some procedure for this.

Edward J. Blum


Contact a local attorney immediately. It sounds as if, although you didn't have a court date on the case in 2000, that one was set at a later date. Usually, a notice to appear is sent. Clearly, you didn't receive this notification. If this was in California, and the warrant had been in the system for this length of time with no efforts made to serve the warrant, a skilled attorney might be able to have that case dismised.

The sooner you speak with a local attorney who specializes in DUI, the better off you will be.


The first two answer are accurate, however you need to hire a local attorney to show the statute of limitations has passed on the 2000 case and that time has been served. In addition the rules have changed considerable for DUI cases since 2000.
Good luck and don't wait around.