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Travelling outside U.S. convicted of Disorderly Conduct in NYC.

Jamaica, NY |

I have green card from 2005 and I was arrested and convicted of Disorderly Conduct in New York City in 2012 for harassing my girlfriend. The Conditional Discharge ended in Nov. 2013 and its sealed now. I have no other convictions. I'm planning to travel outside USA in 3 weeks. My question is, are they going to stop me upon re-entry? I heard you don't get deported for Disorderly Conduct. But I just want to make sure that it's safe to travel before I become citizen. Please advice me. Thank You.

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You should be fine.


Anything related to domestic violence is problematic for immigration purposes, but with a conviction of Disorderly Conduct (as opposed to Harassment) you should be okay. If I were in your position, I would check with an immigration attorney to make sure.


Disorderly conduct is not among criminal convictions that make you inadmissible.

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