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Travel to Mexico with DUI arrest in US and other misdemeanor (drugs) on record.

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My husband was arrested for a DUI over a year ago and it was plead down to a negligent driving offense. He also had a drug arrest from 10 years ago on his record. All fines, communitiy service, sentences have been completed. He was denied entry into Canada a couple of months ago due to the drug arrest. We would like to travel to Mexico for our 10 yr wedding anniversary. He has a valid passport but I need to know, before booking the trip, if he going to run into trouble due to his past mistakes? What are the travel restrictions for entry into Mexico? I cannot seem to find any real info on the Mexican EMbassay website.

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I am licensed to practice law in Mexico and NY. I was asked a similar question last year, and could not find anything that would make the alien inadmissible to Mexico. I even asked a person from the Mexican Foreign Service and was told that the Mexican immigration authorities did not ask about criminal record of visitors. As far as I know, the form filed by visitors at points of entry do not ask about it either.

Having said that, I did not find either something that would specifically allow foreigners with criminal record to enter into Mexico.

So this is not a "go ahead," but a "more likely, nothing will happen." Talk to your spouse and make a decision.

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