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Transporting Minor over state lines

Carrollton, GA |

A friend of mine has been with his girl friend for about a year now. He has lived with her family and then they got their own place and have been living together. She lost her baby last week and her mom is trying to keep them from each other. They live in Georgia but know that they can be married in Maryland due to her actually giving birth to the child before he was dead. Her father and mother have split legal custody and her father will sign consent for her to go out of state on a bus. Her mother says she will call the police. My question is, if she goes out of state on a bus paid for by her grandmother and gets married in Maryland, can he get in trouble?? He wouldn't actually be transporting her across state lines and they would be married within a couple days of it.

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You, (or rather, your "friend") need to consult an experienced and capable criminal defense attorney immediately. The criminal consequences to a situation like this can be very severe. Do not expect to get advice from a public online forum. Anything you say might end up being used against you (or your "friend").


This is a serious charge and you should consult with a criminal defense attorney.

THESE COMMENTS ARE NOT LEGAL ADVICE. They are provided for informational purposes only. Actual legal advice can only be provided after consultation by an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. Answering this question does not create an attorney-client relationship or otherwise require further consultation.

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