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Translating foreign birth certificate for i-485

College Park, MD |

My wife is immigrating to America and has a birth certificate in a foreign language. It is necessary to have someone who is neither me nor my wife "translate" the document into English and sign that she is qualified to do so. We have a friend who can do this, but we'd like to inconvenience her as little as possible. Would it be legal for us to make a good rough draft of the translation ourselves first and give it to the friend to check? If needed, the friend would make small corrections, and then sign that she (the friend) "translated" it...

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You really should have the document translated by a professional.


Yes, you and your friend can proceed the way that you suggest. She does not need to sign that she translated it. She only needs to sign to certify that she is fluent in both languages and that the translation is a complete and accurate translation of the original document. It doesn't matter who actually did the work of translating it.


Your friend needs to be able to certify that he/she is fluent in both languages and that the translation is a full and accurate translation of the original.

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