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Can a person do a transfer of ownership through a Quit Claim (as a gift) to their 3 year old grand child? Legally is it possible to have the property transferred to the child even though he is a minor? Or is there a different type of procedure that must be done rather than the normal recording of the Quit Claim?. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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A minor does not have legal capacity to own property. You could put the property in a trust for the benefit of your Grandson.

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Minors can not own property. Even if they could, they can't legally enter into contracts or sign the legal documents related to the property. Create a trust and deed the property into the trust. In my opinion, this is better than if you transfer the property to someone you trust to be held in trust for the minor grandchild.
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Nice idea, but I agree with the other 2 attorneys.

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