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Transfer of copyright from criminal who holds copyright as payment for restitution judgment

Chicago, IL |

I have a friend who won a restitution judgment against the murder/rapist of her 10 yr old daughter. She was awarded 3.5 million. The murder/rapist has been published in writing based on his being incarcerated. He does speak about crime and victim though not truthful.

My question is can my friend ask for a transfer of copyright as payment for the restitution judgment?

She has not seen one cent of restitution.

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Attorney answers 2


This will depend on the terms of the restitution judgment and the statute under which it was awarded. It may be possible to return to the court to request this relief.


Most states bar convicted persons from making any profits from their crimes and mandate that if restitution is due. These "Son of Sam" laws typically require the proceeds to be paid to the victim (some require separate civil lawsuits). I've also added a relevent link from the National Center for Victims Rights.