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Traffic Violation while under probation from Reckless Driving

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I recently got a failure to obey highway sign by turning left at a no left turn area. About a year and half ago i got a Reckless Driving ticket. was sentenced to 90 days, 75 suspended. 2 years of good behavior and 90 days suspended license. Will this traffic violation trigger my back time? Does it violate my probation?

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Answered 03/16/2010: Given the facts as you describe them, you technically would be in violation of your probation for a Reckless driving offense. However, I suspect you might be incorrect about the amount of probation because a reckless driving ticket has a maximum of 1 year probation. Typically, I would expect that a new offense would have to be one which had the potential of jail before it gave you a problem. Your new offense does not have the potential for jail so I suspect no problem. Good luck with this.

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The answer depends on how aggressive the Reckless Driving jurisdiction is. Your best chance of avoided comeback time for the Reckless Driving is to hire an attorney and get the highway sign ticket dismissed.