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Traffic Violation - 1110A - Plead Guilty/Not Guilty?

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I recently got a summons for making a left turn at a "No Left Turn" crossing in Brooklyn. Should I plead guilty or not guilty? Do I mail it in, go in person, or do it online? I tried to do it online but the ticket number was not in the system yet. Is that ok since it says I have to reply within 15 days? It's been 8 days and the ticket is still not in the system.
I don't mind paying the fine but I don't want to get the points on my license. If I plead guilty and I have to pay the fine and get the points, can I take the points reduction course to reduce the points? What would be the fine I have to pay including additional fees? I don't have a previous record on my license.
Thank you.

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You can plead not guilty in person or online. Do not send in by mail. If you wait a little longer, the ticket will likely be entered in the online system shortly. I takes 2 to 4 weeks. You actually have over 30 days to answer so don't worry about the 15-day "deadline". If you not guilty, then you'll get a hearing date where you will either win or lose (i.e., no deals).

If you plead guilty or are found guilty after a hearing, then you can take the driver safety class to remove up to 4 points from your license. The fine will be around $150 for a first offense.

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Thank you! I forgot to mention, actually I am guilty of making the left turn but I didn't see the sign, so I wasn't sure whether to plead guilty/not guilty. Thanks.

Matthew Jay Weiss

Matthew Jay Weiss


You can still fight it (even if you are guilty). It is just harder to win (although no impossible).

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