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Traffic Ticket Attorney - Houston

Houston, TX |

I have traffic ticket court on 3/21 & 3/27. I need an attorney who is local and who has expertise to get these cases dismissed. I have a limited budget and I am sure that misdemeanor/traffic tickets are not very complex. Please help if you know of anyone who can assist. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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There are many good attorneys with traffic ticket experience and charge about the price of the fines. Whether they get you off depends on too many factors to get into here. I suggest that use AVVO's "Find a Lawyer" tool to locate several very good to excellent attorneys and call them for a quote.

Good luck!

My response herein is an attempt to give you general information and direction and is not intended to constitute an attorney-client relationship as perceived by state law.


Gee! If they're not that complicated you certainly have the time and interest to resolve them yourself. An attorney's time, experience and contact is what you pay for. These things are being used for your benefit and it is what you are paying for. Consult the Greensheet. Many qualified lawyers are identified.

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