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Traffic ticket 21651 (A) vc.

Pinon Hills, CA |

safely changed lanes crossing a solid white line. I had blinker on, waited for motorcycle that was cutting up middle of lanes to get out of my way and safely made my lane change.
Do I have a chance of winning?

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Well, I'm not sure. From reading the section, it seems like it is a ticket for crossing the solid white line. I'm not sure that the circumstances re: the motorcycle is helpful. Do you think that it was legal to cross in that place?

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The solid white line necessarily means that you cannot cross it. Now, if you were close to approaching the solid line or close to leaving the strip of road that had the solid white line, you may be able to dispute that you drove your vehicle "over," "upon," or "across" that line. The fine should be about $238 but, more importantly, a conviction also carries 1 DMV point. It is advisable to at least meet with a qualified traffic attorney to determine whether you can successfully defend the ticket and avoid a conviction so that your insurance is not adversely affected. Remember that most insurance companies go back 5 years to look for moving violations. For that reason alone, money spent on legal fees is, more often than not, money well spent.

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If the officer in fact wrote VC 21651(a) on the ticket, it can be dismissed. Hire an experienced traffic lawyer to file a demurrer.