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Traffic collection

Santa Rosa, CA |

I live in California. Sonoma County gave me a ticket for speeding. I challenged it by written declaration. I never received anything in the mail. I went to the courthouse to follow up. I was than told the case had been turned over to the courts traffic collection division. I requested to put the case on calendar for a definite day. They told me I did not have this option because it was in collections and is now too late. This can not be correct from the research I have done. What can I do, please advise.

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I think you should consult with a local lawyer who is experienced in traffic citation cases. This person may be able to fill in the details after some investigation. What you are describing just does not add up. Often times someone that knows how the local system functions can figure out what happened, explain it to you and fix it if there is something to be fixed.


You need to consult an experienced local traffic/misdemeanor attorney who can review the file and determine if your due process rights were violated, or if any other remedy exists.


You might want to contact Stan the Radar Man at he handles quite a few speeding tickets and is familiar with the written declaration challenge process.

Good luck,

John Campanella


I practice in this jurisdiction and I can tell you that a good lawyer who knows local courts should be able to get this calendared. The Commissioner in traffic court is very reasonable and I suspect she would vacate the default and collections fees and set this case for trial.

Get a local attorney who does traffic stuff.