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TPS for Syria, I-94 is about to expire & Continuously Residing (CR) Evidences needed?

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I have a question regarding the TPS, I am preparing my mother application for the TPS for the first time, and her I-94 is about to expire (on September 16, 2013) is it ok that her application got received after her I-94 got expired by USCIS? Are they going to deny her TPS application if the application received after her I-94 expires, or it doesn't matter?

Re: Continuously Residing (CR) Evidence
I am not sure what to send for this requirement, since my mother doesn't have any rent contract, or utils under her name, she is been living with family since she arrived here to the US.

Can we get a letter from the local mosque here with a letter head, saying for example that she is a member of their congregation, so you think this alone would be sufficient as a CR evidence?

Thank you

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Yes, it will be ok ... but not advisable, for the application to arrive after the 16th.

You can try to include AFFIDAVITS (letters that have been notarized under penalty-of-perjury) Just being a member of the congregation isn't much ... having seen her attend services on specific dates ... is.

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thank you very much for your reply, who should i get the affidavits from? like friends or family you mean? if yes how many is sufficient?

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


This is your mother ... don't you think it is worth spending some money on having an attorney help you to protect her from the situation that's taking place in Syria? I know that, if it was my mother, I'd be in a lawyer's office tomorrow.


You should hire an experienced immigration lawyer to assist you with this application, and for continuous residence requirement, it would be best to include affidavits, as well as letter from church.

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