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TPM on the Parole Website states "No Decision" Does this mean the case is in review and that he is eligible for parole?

Gainesville, GA |

The TPM originally said "Not Allowed In This Case" and has now been changed to "No Decision". Does this mean his case is being reviewed and that he is eligible for parole? If we are not married can he still parole home to my address?

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I would suggest you contact the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole for more information. A parolee can move in with you as long as you do not have a TPO, condition of probation that prohibits contact or if you are a convicted felon.



Thanks for your help. The Parole says they can't tell me anything b/c there has been no decision in his case and all they can give me is his max date should he have to serve his max sentence. His counselor asked him for an address so I am thinking that means we are headed in the right direction of him coming home. Thanks again for your help!