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Today I learned that my probabtion has been over as of last year.On job apps do i have to report that conviction?

Santa Clarita, CA |
Attorney answers 3


Not if you have the convictions expunged (at least as far as private employer applications). Call me should you wish to discuss how to expunge your convictions.


If your probation is terminated, and your convictions are what you listed, you should be eligible to have both "expunged." In other words you file a petition with the court that convicted you, that asks the court to dismiss the case because you successfully finished probation. This depends upon your history, whether you've been arrested or convicted for other charges. It also depends on whether you finished probation without any issues -- arrests, late payments, no payments, etc.

I'm talking about filing a petition for dismissal because on most job applications, having a conviction "dismissed" is the only way you can omit it from your job application. Usually the job app will have specific language about this. If you are applying for certain jobs like law enforcement, government, or childcare, then you may have to disclose arrests even if the charge ended up being dismissed.

I notice you're in Santa Clarita. Many local Public Defender's offices have information on expungements. You may also want to speak to an attorney.


Yes, unless you get the charges dismissed under 1203.4.

Elliot Zarabi